Vidin - Provinces of Bulgaria


Vidin Province is the northwesternmost province of Bulgaria. It borders Serbia and Romania. Its administrative centre is Vidin on the Danube, and other municipalities are Belogradchik, Boynitsa, Bregovo, Chuprene, Dimovo, Gramada, Kula, Makresh, Novo Selo, and Ruzhintsi.

There are remains of many castles, some of which are Baba Vida, one of the last Bulgarian strongholds during the Turkish invasion and the Belogradchik fortress.


The territory of the province includes the most western parts of the Danubian Plain and Stara Planina, while the Danube forms the border with Romania. The slopes of Stara Planina are coverred with dense forests, lush meadows and boasts the majestic rock phenomena, the Belogradchik Rocks. There are around 80 caves situated close to the border with Serbia, the most famous being the Magura cave, which known with its cave painting from 10,000 BC. There is also a lake in the proximity of the cave.

Baba Vida fortress in Vidin
The Belogradchik Rocks