Sofia Province - Provinces of Bulgaria


Sofia Province is a province (oblast) of Bulgaria. It borders three sides of the city of Sofia (which is in a separate oblast, see Sofia Administration), but does not include it. The province has a territory of 7 059km² and has 273 240 inhabitants. The land is predominantly mountainous. To the north are the southern slopes of the Balkan Mountains and to the south rises Rila with the highest point in the peninsular Musala. There are also several smaller mountains and spacious valleys. One of the most important ski resorts in Bulgaria, Borovets, is located here close to Samokov.

Industry is well developed. Mining and ferrous metallurgy are the backbone of the economy with the largest copper refinery in South Eastern Europe in Pirdop and important copper mines at Chelopech and Etropole. Machinery is well developed in Botevgrad (buses, car components, electronics), Pravets (computers), Etropole, Samokov, Elin Pelin, Ihtiman, Slivnitsa, Godech. The centre of food and sugar industry is Svoge.


  • Anton
  • Botevgrad
  • Bozhurishte
  • Chavdar
  • Chelopech
  • Dolna Banya
  • Dragoman
  • Elin Pelin
  • Etropole
  • Ihtiman
  • Godech
  • Gorna Malina
  • Koprivshtitsa
  • Kostenets (town)
  • Kostinbrod
  • Mirkovo
  • Pirdop
  • Pravets
  • Samokov
  • Slivnitsa
  • Svoge
  • Zlatitsa