Sofia City - Provinces of Bulgaria


The Sofia City Province is situated in western Bulgaria, in the largest valley in the country, the Sofia valley. It is surrounded by Stara Planina to the north and Lyulin, Vitosha, Plana and Sredna Gora to the south. The territory of the province is 1,344 km² and the population is around 1,300,000. The major river is Iskar with its tributaries such as Lesnovska, Vladaiska, Mala Reka. There are many mineral springs throughout the area.

The province has strong economy due to the capital city, the most important sectors being services and industry. The largest steel complex south of the Danube is located in Kremikovtsi, there are two lead plants in Sofia and Novi Iskar. Machine industry, production of trams, elevators, electrical equipment and electronics is strongly developped in the capital; there is chemical industry in Sofia, Gara Yana; production of building matherials in Sofia, Novi Iskar, Vladaya; textile and food industry in Sofia.

The capital is the main business area in the country with booming office building, construction and trade. There are 3 malls with 10 other under construction; tens of hypermarkets with many Bulgarian and foreign chains represented; numerous trade centres, shops and bazaars. Health services are of very high levels with over 30 hospitals and many clinics and health centres, including the largest hospital in Eastern Europe which opened in 2006. The government is also huge employer in the capital. Tourism is growing hastily and by 2006 Sofia boasts over 100 hotels the majority of which were built in the past several years. The area around the capital is known as the "Small Athon" due to the numerous monasteries. Bankya is a famous spa resort, as well as Pancharevo and the baths in Sofia.

Towns by population:

  • Sofia-1,212,000
  • Novi Iskar- 13,937
  • Bankya- 9,375
  • Buhovo- 2,923